Friday, 25 January 2008

Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange business card holder

Kuala Lumpur is one of my favourite Asian cities, full of flowers and greenery. I visit it usually once a year and stay in the Mandarin Oriental, which is one of my favourite hotels.

I visited the KL Stock Exchange and was given this rather natty business card holder, which I do actually use. It was certainly more convenient to pack than the gift given to the leader of our group who was given a splendid but enormous crystal model of the building in a brass and glass case. It must have been 18 inches a side and weighed a ton. Not easy to then drag around Asia with you! Why do people continue to give these massive presents when they know that you have to get on a plane the next day? I have been given several huge books when zipping in and out of cities for a speech. I have hand baggage! I can't pack a three kilo book of aerial views (it's always aerial views) of some bit of your country I've never heard of. If you're going to give me a book get me one on your country's most famous supermodel!

The real Exchange. A lot less silvery.