Thursday, 29 November 2007

Canada: luggage label

If there is one nation you can identify at airports its Canadians. They can't leave their lovely but ridiculously large country without festooning themselves and their luggage with the Maple Leaf.

It is such a recognisable flag that it is surprising to realise that it did not become the national flag of Canada until 1965.

The flag is red and white which are the national colours of Canada as laid down by King George V in 1921. The two red stripes represent the Pacific and Atlantic oceans with the white stripe representing Canada itself. The maple leaf symbol had been used in Canda for many years prior to the flag being created. This design was one of three that were considered. One had three maple leaves on it and the other had fleur de lys which would have been horribly French considering we defeated their army in about 15 minutes at Quebec in 1759.

The pre 1965 flag of Canada.
This luggage label was given to me by Gilda from Toronto, who knows I really do like Canada (or at least their women) whatever I might say!

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